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A Father's Day Gift

Barbara Z Perman, PhD
Father's Day is approaching and many adult children wonder what to give to their Dad that would be meaningful this year. Before you rush out to the local mall, searching for a new golf club, fishing rod or power tool, think about what Dad might appreciate most - a gift of time together.

A Letter to Mom or Dad

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
When was the last time you wrote a letter to your parents? When trying to talk about your worries doesn't work, maybe a letter will help.

A Rightsizing State of Mind

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
When adult children need to approach their parents with the sensitive subject of moving, sometimes a letter can be effective.

Change Is Opportunity

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
How can we accept change when it moves at the speed of light?

Deciding To Downsize and Move - If You and Your Spouse Disagree

Barbara Z. Perman, PhD
Do you and your partner disagree about whether moving is a good idea? Maybe you can find common ground.

Everything In Moderation

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
Words of advice from a father help guide us throughout our lives.

Keeping Your I Love Yous Up To Date

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
When friends attend a birthday party for their good friend who is turning 60, they have an opportunity.

Lessons From Clothespins and Rubber Band Balls

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
While we, in 2009 think we invented the concept of a "carbon footprint," most of our parents cultivated an ethos from early childhood that we could well learn from-it was called: "Why use more than is needed?"

Letting Go and The Inner Journey of Downsizing

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
In addition to the outer work of downsizing, there may very well be some inner decluttering to do as well.

Measuring With Love

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
At this time of the year there is a lot of focus on external measurements. We hear about the financial markets and retail sales numbers, and college students measure how they've done by the grades they get. We are so used to these indicators that we are challenged when it comes to paying attention to what is going on inside us.

Did you know that you can now take someone's temperature in 6 seconds by a simple touch of a digital thermometer to the person's temple? But In the hurry of our lives, how can we take a reading of our "internal temperature"?

Moving...Or Moving On?

Barbara Z. Perman, PhD
When people are faced with the prospect of moving - transferring themselves and their belongings to a new residence - most feel overwhelmed, sad and scared. What would it take for the person moving to feel in control, grateful, and ready to embrace the new?

Oh, Didn't I Tell You

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
Do you ever feel that you are the last to know how your aging parents are really doing?

Rightsizing and Renewal

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
Parting with things is easier if we realize a hidden principle: new things come our way when we part with old ones

Scenes From A Recent Trip to England

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
Traveling can give us perspective. Life is always moving and if we want to be ready to move along with it, we need to create readiness in our lives.

Sharing The Vision - World Sight Day - Oct. 7-8, 2010

Barbara Z. Perman
In our work in people's homes we find lots of glasses. The styles and colors are as varied as our clients. Did you know that glasses that you are no longer using could be used by someone else? The International Lions Club has been collecting glasses for 80 years, though they officially began doing it in the early 1990's.

The Downsizing Journey - Benefits and Tips

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
Applying who you are to what you leave behind.

The Gift of Words

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
These are the shortest days and the longest nights of the year. As it gets dark early, it is we who bring light in - in the form of decorations and celebrations. I am a night owl, so I don't mind the long nights. Recently, I've been spending some time at night thinking about the power of words and their ability to let in light.

The Power of Kindness

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
As we do our work of helping people, especially seniors and their families, with moves they are making, we see opportunities for family members to be kind to each other. Sometimes family members have been estranged or have misunderstood or misjudged each other, or simply have become disconnected.

To Grandmother's House We Go

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
Recently, my ninety year old mother took her grandchildren back to see the home where she grew up in Brooklyn, NY.

Your Life's Mission Statement

Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D.
As I look ahead to this new year and set some goals for myself, I have something that will guide the process. It is my mission statement. Years ago I composed a declaration of over-arching purpose for my life, and it has remained a guiding principle to this day: "To contribute to a calm and reverent world in whatever way is put before me to do."