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After The Death Of A Spouse

Dan died after an illness leaving his wife Mathilde on her own after 60 years of marriage. Mathilde had been a professor and had done a good job of managing the family's business, but she was finding it hard to tackle all the paperwork and tasks related to her husband's passing in addition do all that she was used to doing.

Moving Mentor® was recommended to Mathilde by her attorney. We helped coordinate the settling of Dan's estate including helping Mathilde with all the paperwork as well as working with the family to distribute possessions of Dan's that Mathilde did not need to keep in her home. After a year, the estate work was completed and Mathilde asked Moving Mentor to stay on and help her manage her daily business housekeeping.

Moving Mentor® worked with Mathilde for five years and over time played an increasing role in keeping her life organized. We helped Mathilde with her daily paperwork and phone calls, gathered information for her accountant to help with tax preparation, took Mathilde to the doctor and reported to her family about these visits. Eventually we helped to put aides in place and finally helped Mathilde to move to be near her adult children.