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Satisfield Clients

Satisfied Clients

Moving Mentor®, has positively touched the lives of many people. Here are a few clients who have expressed satisfaction and gratitude for Moving Mentor's services:

"Dear Barbara, I am thrilled with the outcome of my mother's move. All of this is due largely to YOU - you were absolutely wonderful throughout the process and things went along more smoothly than I ever imagined. Thank you for all your help. With gratitude forever." ~ Rebecca


"Dear Teresa, I don't mean to get "mushy" but you have found more than a business in your field of organizing moves for people. You're in the business of life, caring, guiding, suggesting and much more. I don't think I could ever imagine going through what I did without your blessed help. Thanks again for everything you did for my family. Most sincerely." ~Julie


"Dear Barbara, What can we say? You've been our guide, support and teacher through this time. We can't thank you enough. Love." ~ The Meikelsons


"I have over twenty five years in the mental health field and thought I knew a lot about the issues of the elderly,  but I was feeling stuck when it came to dealing with the declining health of my own mother, who lives five hours away.  She was having problems with her mobility, she was not eating well, and she was still driving.

Dr. Perman gave me concrete suggestions as to how I might raise these issues with my mother.  More than that, she conveyed an attitude of respect and patience  toward my mother (and me!) that has been very helpful when talking with her about the future.  My mother, who had been resistant to accepting help or acting on my suggestions, now began to cooperate with me in her care.

We are in a totally different place with her now than we were just four months ago. " ~ Marc D. Rudolph