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Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Moving Mentor® provides many services to assist your marketing efforts.  Long before a prospective resident makes the decision to become a resident of your community, they face uncertainty.  Your relationship with Moving Mentor® can augment your marketing program through a series of unique interactions between your facility, your staff and prospective residents.

Prospective Resident Consultation Services

Did you ever wish there could be someone else there to complement the viewpoint you present to a potential resident? A consultant from Moving Mentor, Inc. can provide a different perspective on the moving process that can help a potential resident move from the "I'm not ready" stage to being ready. Moving Mentor® can provide consultation hours at your facility on a regular basis to provide this special viewpoint.

Moving Mentor® offers consultations with your "hot prospects" in their own homes (with or without your marketing staff present). This can be an opportunity to help a potential resident see that a move is actually do-able! 

When you have a particularly challenging prospect, it is time to call Moving Mentor®.  We have teamed up with many marketing managers to help this kind of prospect move along in the process.

Motivational Workshops/Presentations

Moving Mentor® offers a variety of workshops and presentations to help you in your community outreach efforts as well as educational programs for your staff.  Programs planned to reach your target markets featuring one or a series of presentations or workshops by Barbara Z. Perman, Ph.D. President of Moving Mentor Inc. can educate your client base and give you visibility. View Sample Presentations

Promotional Materials

Moving Mentor® offers many products designed to help seniors "get moving".  Many of these self-help tools are available for purchase in bulk and make excellent additions to your marketing packets.  " No Ordinary Move - Relocating Your Aging Parents", by Barbara Perman, PhD, President of Moving Mentor, Inc. and Jim Ballard is a "must have" resource for any marketing director.  This groundbreaking book shows family members of prospective residents how to go about the daunting task of moving seniors in a healthy and satisfying way while keeping their own lives in balance and maintaining their attention on the job.

Article Submission/Publications

Moving Mentor® can support your marketing by writing an article or column for one of your publications that is received by your prospects. You pick the topic and we will educate your readers about the downsizing and moving process.