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Talking With A Prospective Resident

We Help Your Prospective Residents

Do you know that using a senior move manager during a move helps to minimize transition trauma? Seniors who feel in control of their move and who take time to make decisions about their possessions make a better adjustment to their new surroundings.

We Help Your Organization

When your facility partners with Moving Mentor® to help seniors make the decision and to help with the moving process, think of how transition trauma could be minimized and what that might mean for the new resident, current residents and your staff in terms of energy saved and positive morale in your organization! 

Planning/Organizing The Move

Moving Mentor®'s services are comprehensive. From planning and organizing the move and preparing the home for re-sale, to sorting and dispersing possessions, we can help your residents move with ease. Our moving services have helped many clients with everything from making the decision to move, to breaking down the steps of moving into manageable pieces.

New Resident and Family Support

We help build a bridge to a new life for each client, help them cross the bridge and become members of your community who feel settled.  Adult children and caregivers often need ongoing support and communication throughout the transition of their aging parents. We work closely with family members who live in the local area as well as long-distance. We work together creating plans, providing encouragement, support and communication as needed.