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New Resident Meeting

Senior Living Professionals

Assisted Living Facility Moving Mentor® can help you, as a senior living professional, by providing support to you, your prospective residents and your staff. 

We motivate prospective residents through personal consultations, presentations/workshops and publications written just for them!  We assist new residents with the move-in process and throughout the adjustment process.

We can also provide marketing support for you and training for staff involved in helping residents move.  Our innovative products and programs make it easy for you to select services that benefit your organization and clients.  Whether your facility is new or you want to do something special for your prospective residents we can help!

Moving Mentor, Inc. is known not only for providing the usual moving management and consulting services. At Moving Mentor® we like solving problems and getting situations "unstuck". We are known for partnering with marketing managers who are trying to help seniors have the best quality of life. Read about Senior Move Managers.

Do these stories sound familiar?

Story:  Moving Mentor can help when there is resistance to moving

Joel was a widower living in a cottage on the campus of a retirement community. He had moved there five years earlier with his wife from their home of many years. At 91 Joel was very active and lively, but after he had a fall, his adult children were very concerned about him walking back and forth to the main building. They wanted him to move there. Joel was very resistant.  Does this sound familiar? Moving Mentor® formulated a series of strategies to help move Joel along in a process of accepting the move.  Joel was able to keep control of his life and decisions. Want to know how Moving Mentor accomplished this? Give us a call.

Story: Moving Mentor can help create readiness for making a move

Marshall and Ruth had been in their home for 35 years. They had been on the wait list at a retirement community for eight years. Each time their name came up they said "We're not ready".  The marketing manager partnered with Moving Mentor, Inc. and together they worked to help this couple along in the process of "getting ready". Within six months the couple made their move. Today they are happily integrated into their new community and don't understand why they waited so long!

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