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Join the growing list of Realtors who love our service.  They love us because we get people organized to move.  We keep them moving through the process so their houses get sold at the best possible price, in a timely fashion, and in a way that is healthy for the client.  Everyone wins and you, the Realtor, increase your sales volume, increase your commission, and increase your number of happy clients.  Read about Senior Move Managers.

This is a true story:

Rita and Bob Peters (not their real names) lived in their 8-room home for 50 years and had never thrown anything away. Realtors advised them against putting such a cluttered house on the market.  We sorted, organized and helped them make decisions about what to keep. A simplified, uncluttered, visually appealing and spacious-looking home emerged.  They received 4 bids at their asking price and were able to move in a timely way.

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You can probably think of a client right now who could benefit from the consulting and/or moving management services we offer and who will think you are wonderful for helping them move along in a difficult and sometimes overwhelming process.

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