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Working With Moving Companies


In these times when people are trying to get the most for their money, it pays for you to team up with Moving Mentor®. Moving Mentor is a senior move management company. We specialize in working with seniors and their families.  Read about Senior Move Managers.

Your company can be on our list of recommended movers.

We are working with clients who will be moving. They are wary of the reputation of the moving industry and want to have peace of mind about who will move their belongings.  We are in a position to give clients names of companies who we know will do a careful and reliable job and who will cooperate with them every step of the way.

We can make the job easier for your personnel. 

  • We organize our clients and help them get ready to move.
  • When you ask for an estimate, our clients are prepared. We have helped create a floor plan for where they are going so they know what is moving and what isn't.  They can tell you what you will pack and what will not be packed by you.
  • On moving day they are ready for you because we are there in advance to make sure everything is ready to go.
  • We scope out both ends of the job so you can plan for the best use of your personnel.
  • We work with our client during move-in on last-minute decisions that need to be made about furniture placement so your people can do what is needed and move on to their next assignment.
A Real Life Story

We needed to move Gladys and John from their home of 40 years to a condo near their daughter.  Some of the furniture they were not keeping was going to go to a granddaughter in another state.  A month before the move, we walked through the house with them and put a green dot on everything they were going to take with them and a blue dot on everything that was going to their granddaughter.  After that, we called some moving companies and invited them to come give estimates.  The moving companies were delighted to see that we had designated what would be going where.  It made their job of giving an estimate much easier.  As moving day approached, we called the moving company to give them the final information and to alert them to any special last minute needs Gladys and John had.

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