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Mental Health Specialist and Senior

Mental Health Professionals

If you are a mental health professional who works with seniors, Moving Mentor® can be an important resource for you.  We can help clients get and stay organized and receive ongoing support where they live, or help them relocate to new and safer surroundings. Read about Senior Move Managers.

Here is a true story:

Moving Mentor® was called by a social worker in Washington State. Several months earlier, the social worker had helped an adult daughter to move her mother to be near her in Washington. The mother had been placed in an assisted living facility near her daughter's home. The trouble was that the mother's home in Albany, NY was still full of all the things that were not taken in the move to Washington. 

There had been no time during the mother's transition to think about anything but safe passage for the mom. Now it was time to think about everything else, but the adult daughter's life was too hectic to deal with it, between keeping a watchful eye on her mother and her own job and family life. Moving Mentor® saved the day!

We went to Albany and consulted with the daughter by phone. We sorted and organized all the possessions. Where needed we took digital pictures of cherished belongings and sent them to family members. In time, we arranged for shipping of possessions to be kept and got rid of the ones no one wanted. We worked with a local Realtor to get the house on the market and to leave it broom clean before it was sold.

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