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Workshops For Your Employees

Workshops and Presentations

Moving Mentor® offers many workshops and presentations on the subject of moving, downsizing, organizing and transitioning.  Each workshop is designed to help attendees develop the Moving Mentor Mindset™, a powerful way to reframe one's thinking, overcome anxiety and embrace change. 

Dr. Barbara Perman, President of Moving Mentor, Inc. has spoken at several national conferences and is available to speak at professional and community organization events, as well as senior residence facilities.  She enjoys being on panels with other professionals to educate the public about issues of aging.  For more information about Dr. Perman and to download a Speaker Bio, link here.

Sample Presentations

Feel free to mix and match or expand: (Presentation to be 40-45 minutes followed by Q and A)

1. Moving to a New Home - Embracing Change and Loving It. 2. Making Room for New Life in Your Life - The UP Side of Downsizing

3. The UP Side of Downsizing - Putting New Life in Your Life

4. How to Move On - Creating a Bridge To A New Life

5. Yes, You CAN Think About Moving

6. Sooner Can Be Better

7. Planning To Move and Moving Your Plan

8. Everything You Wanted To Know About Moving and Were Afraid To Ask

9. Empty Nest? What's Next?

10. Building a New Nest

11. Filling the Empty Nest

12. A New Lease on Life

13. Taking Charge of Change

14. To Stay in My Home or Not to Stay in My Home, That is the Question

15. Relocating Can Be the Best Thing You've Ever Done

16. I'm Not Ready

17. Get Ready, Get Set, Get Going

18. Timing is Everything - Planning to Move Means Moving Your Plan

19. 101 Ways To Get Yourself Moving

20. How Would I Know if it Were Time to Move?

21. How to Move and Be More in Control of My Life

22. Moving Can Mean Keeping More Control of Your Life

23. Moving...Ready or Not

24. Why Should I Even Think About Moving?

25. Getting in on the Ground Floor - Why Now is the Perfect Time to Move

26. Now is the Perfect Time to Move

27. Cutting Edge Living - Choosing a Community that Gives You Quality of Life

28. The Seven Stages of the Moving Process

29. Is Moving Right for Me? - Making the Decision