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Whether you are an elder law attorney, working with seniors on a daily basis, or a general practitioner, who may be worried about an elderly client, you understand how critical it is for seniors to be surrounded by people they trust. The demographics tell the story. The number of seniors is literally multiplying. By the year 2010 one in every five Americans will be 65 or older. Many more are living into their eighties and nineties.

You can probably think of a client right now who needs help with paperwork, or who has thought about downsizing and/or selling their homestead, but is too overwhelmed to act on it.  We can help!  Working together, we can contribute immeasurably to the maintenance of a high quality of life for him or her, as well as to a sense of well being for family members who are concerned, but not able to help. 

Jack's Story 

Jack was recommended to Moving Mentor® by his attorney after the death of his spouse.  We helped organize the legal, financial and medical papers to facilitate the settling of his wife's estate. Through good communication with Jack's family and friends, we built a support network to help him through this major transition. After the estate was closed, we continued to help Jack with his own affairs for more than five years. We kept his accounts using Quickbooks, prepared his paperwork at tax time and communicated with professionals and family members. As his memory began to fail, we helped his family prepare to move him to a specialized facility and helped Jack make the transition there. We helped with decision-making and packing, arranging for a mover, coordinating with family members and helping him get settled in his new place.

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Moving Mentor® provides moving management, organizing/support and consulting services and specializes in helping seniors and their families to have the support they need to stay at home or the help they need to downsize and move. Read about Senior Move Managers.

Moving Mentor® is a member of the Western Massachusetts Eldercare Professionals Association and has spoken at the Pioneer Valley Estate Planning Council meetings. We are also available to speak at your office to your staff, at your local bar association, and/or to help you host an event for seniors or participate on a panel with other professionals.