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Review:  No Ordinary Move - The CD 

"On the drive to visit my 92-year-old aunt Thursday, I listened all the way through the audio book of No Ordinary Move. You, and Christine Stevens, have made a reality of the book my mind's ear imagined, and that I knew you'd need an actor to accomplish. Each family member with a distinct voice (I love what she did with Marcus), and the dulcet meditation bell the perfect device to set off the journal entries. I congratulate you all,and  I thank you for the impressive amount of excellent advice which I can commend to friends and relatives as they reach these life changes.

 I am glad to know about the services that you, and the organizations you mention in the book, provide for elders staying in their homes, but at the same time I like the list of reasons people are pleased to have released themselves from houses, after years of reciting why they will never move.

This is a wise book, and for a good many people I think its contents are best conveyed aurally, in the warm and versatile voice of the woman you found to do it. All best wishes for the book in its several forms, and for Moving Mentor!"

~ Priscilla Drucker