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Tips For Making Donations

How To Make Donations

Donating to favorite charities can be a win-win solution to the problem of what to do with unwanted possessions. There are some things you should know about donating things:

1.  Arranging to donate things is time-consuming and takes energy to accomplish:

a) You need to find out who will take what and how things should be organized for each charity. For example, one charity may want clothing on hangars while another may want clothing bagged. Some charities will pick up donations while others take only deliveries to their shops.

b) According to IRS regulations, all items going to charity must be put on a list. If you are donating clothing, all items need to be listed. You cannot any longer just say "clothing". You have to list men's short sleeve shirts (5), women's sweaters - tan, beige, red.

c) If you are donating furniture, be aware that many companies say they will pick up and then they may not show up! Other companies say they will take your items and when they come and see what you have they can decide not to take items you hoped they would take. Do not leave donations of furniture until the last minute - you may wind up having to take unwanted items with you if they cannot be left behind because you have to vacate your premises.

2.  Matching the right charity with what you have to donate can make a difference.

For example: we had 100 women's blazers and skirts to donate. An organization called Dress for Success which helps dress women for job interviews was the perfect place for these items to go. The adult children who requested that we donate their Mom's clothing was so fulfilled knowing they were being used in such a beneficial way.

3. Donating to charity can help us all by keeping things out of the landfill.

There are many charities that take donations. Donating items can help other people. Things you don't want or need can be used by others who do need them. It is an investment to spend time on donations or to have someone else do this for you.

Moving Mentor, Inc. partners with many charities. Would you like a list of charities to which Moving Mentor has donated items on behalf of clients? Email us for a list.