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It is bewildering that even thinking about moving can be overwhelming. All your life you have done everything for yourself and now you find some of it to be too much! Perhaps you'll "bargain" with yourself and put off any decision about your living situation a little longer. Maybe your family is putting pressure on you to make a change. You might be willing to think about it, but the pressure makes you want to push back and say "No!" 

Have you been asking yourself some of these questions?

  • I don't know if I should move... Should I be thinking about it?
  • When is the right time to think about moving?
  • Where will I go that will feel right and be affordable?
  • How will I get it done, as I have no family nearby and can't do it myself?
  • How can I find people I can trust to help me? 
  • What should I do with all the things I can't take with me?
  • What if my spouse and I disagree about whether to sell the house now?
  • What if both my kids and my friends want me to be near them?
  • How can I move when I have a pet?
Take advantage of our many years of experience working with seniors who have been asking the same questions you are asking. If you already know you are going to move, find out about how our Moving Management Services can ease your way. Find Out More

If you are unsure about whether moving is right for you our Consultation Services may be just what you need.

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