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Services For Families

Services for Families

  • Assessing the overall situation to developing a plan.
  • Identifying the tasks to be done and breaking them down into manageable segments.
  • Finding appropriate housing and/or care if applicable.
  • Working with seniors and their family to downsize and de-clutter.
  • Facilitating sorting and dispersing possessions. 
  • Arranging for other professional services such as appraisals, real-estate specialists, trash removal, house cleaners.
  • Coordinating the various aspects of the move.
  • Custom packing, including developing inventories, labeling and numbering boxes.
  • Discussing life-style and its impact on floor planning.
  • Measuring the new location and the existing furniture and creating floor plans for the new living space.
  • Supervising the move out, the move in and creating a plan for moving day for the client.
  • Unpacking and preparing new home for occupancy.
  • Communicating and coordinating with family members.