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Support Services For Family Members

Just for Families With a Loved One Who Needs to Move

Worried Daughter Do you have a loved one who needs help moving? We specialize in working with seniors and their family members to ease the way during a time of transition. We make sure that seniors and their families get the physical help and emotional support they need to move with the least stress possible. Our role can be multi-faceted. We can manage the whole move (providing hands-on help and resources) or parts of it, depending on the resources you may have. We are skilled at smoothing the transition in every way. Find Out More

If you are a family member, we can consult with you each step of the way. We listen to your perspective and address your concerns. Moving Mentor® recognizes that when one member of the family is moving, everyone in the family is moving on. Moving Mentor® has helped many families provide for the relocation of a loved one.

We can help family members use their energy and resources to the best advantage when a loved one is moving. If you want to be the one to guide your loved one along, we offer self-help tools and products. We can start you off with a FREE 30 minute phone consultation and follow up with phone and email updates to track your progress in moving your loved one.

Each step of the way, we bring you information and ideas in the form of practical steps to take that lead to a peace of mind move for you and your loved one.

Services For Family Members

Could your loved one benefit from our organizing/support services?

Perhaps you are concerned about a loved one or loved ones who are in a living situation that is worrisome. Whether you are an adult son or daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, sister or brother, you wish you had ways to keep the situation from becoming unmanageable. Moving Mentor® can partner with you to help keep your loved one(s) as independent as possible by helping them manage tasks like paperwork and daily financial housekeeping. Find Out More

Would a consultation with Moving Mentor® be of help to you?

Are you worried about a loved one who is in a situation they can no longer manage? Perhaps you would like to talk to him/her about moving, but they won't let you bring up the subject. They want to stay in their own home, yet they aren't coping well and you just don't know what to do! Moving Mentor® has many years of experience both helping people move and helping people "stay put". Perhaps there is a middle ground that might ease the way! We'll offer a listening ear too so you can explore what might be right for someone in your family.  Find Out More