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Moving Services For Individuals

Just for Individuals

Are you moving?

The thought of moving can be overwhelming. Who will help? You may have family, but they may not be available or live far away. Friends may not have time to assist. What to do? Call Moving Mentor®! Our moving management services can help ease the way through this challenging time. Our line of products can help you organize your move and reduce stress. If you are young or older, single, widowed, divorced, or challenged in some way, Moving Mentor® can give you support.

Do you need help getting organized?

Whether or not you are moving, we can help you move life along. When things are where you can find them, you breathe freer. Wouldn't it be good to get organized? Perhaps life has been too busy for you to take time to put things away -- or maybe you were never the type to put things away. Closets need cleaning out? Paperwork sitting in piles? Want to get above the clutter? Moving Mentor® is ready to help you create a calm, orderly environment that restores your independence and your peace of mind.  Find Out More

Moving or "Staying Put" - Wouldn't a Consultation with Moving Mentor® be of help to you?

Perhaps you're unsure whether moving is right for you. Maybe you've been thinking you are better off staying where you are. Or maybe you want to move but can't figure out what to do first. We can help move your thinking along. Call us for a free 30 minute phone consultation. You will feel so much better just being able to talk about what has been on your mind.