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Marilyn's Story

Moving Mentor© had a call from Georgia from an adult daughter who was worried about her aging parents who were still living in the family homestead in Massachusetts.  This daughter, Marilyn, had a high level position at the Center for Disease Control and had been taking time off work once a month for four years to fly home to keep an eye on her parents.  Her dream was to have them move to Georgia to be near her.  Marilyn and her parents met with Moving Mentor© and planned out the move.  Moving Mentor© executed the plan and got Marilyn's parents ready to move while Marilyn stayed in Georgia.  Marilyn wrote to us after the move saying, "How can I ever thank you for the peace of mind you gave me. I was able to keep my focus on my work AND get ready for my parents down here while you did everything to get them ready up north.  I am so grateful for your help!"