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Real Life Stories

"I know what a relief it can be not to be left alone with a difficult task. We all have a need to share life stories as we go through change. It's an honor for me to be a partner with my clients in their journeys and to watch them take charge and achieve peace of mind."  ~ Dr. Barbara Perman

Read real life stories in which Moving Mentor® has provided assistance.  If you, or someone you know, is under stress due to these or other situations, help is near and solutions can be found. 

Jack's Story:  Upon the recommendation of his attorney, Jack called us after his wife died in 1998. Read On 

Robert's Story:   After a long illness, Robert found it difficult to handle his paperwork. (Read On)

Lawrence's Story: Critical illness makes it difficult for Lawrence to manage his  business affairs. (Read On)

Ellen's Story:  Wheelchair bound and a surviving spouse, Ellen finds life difficult after her husband's death (Read On)

Ronald's Story:  Elderly and 97 years old, Ronald needs help paying bills. (Read On)

Allen's Story:  End of life planning helps Allen ease the burden for his adult children and grandchildren. (Read On)

Mathilde's Story:  Dan died after an illness leaving his wife Mathilde on her own after 60 years of marriage. (Read On)

Joel's Story:  Joel was resistant to making another move and his adult children were insistent.  They had already taken the car away!  (Read On)

Lois's Story:  A busy woman, Lois needed help organizing some of her living spaces.  (Read On)

Marshall and Ruth's Story:  With a lifetime of memories in their home of 35 years, Marshall and Ruth were finding it hard to move. (Read On)